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Onur Yüce Gün is a globally recognized computational designer and researcher. He earned his PhD (Presidential Fellow) and SMArchS degrees at MIT’s Design and Computation Group.

Onur instituted and directed computational design departments both in practice and in academia such as the Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) NY Computational Geometry Group and Pratt Institute Digital Futures Group. He developed the curriculum for the undergraduate programs at the İstanbul Bilgi University, School of Architecture. Onur taught at RISD, at UAI Santiago, and he has been an invited design critic at Harvard, Columbia University, UPenn, UIC and MIT.

Onur’s work has been internationally published, exhibited and awarded. His papers won awards in eCAADe and CAADRIA. His work was exhibited in Center for Architecture: AIA New York Chapter, at SIGGRAPH 2008, at Centre Pompidou (AAG), inVenice Biennale and at Tokyo Gallery A4. His PhD research won the William Mitchell++ Award and the CAMIT Grant.

Onur currently develops computational design concepts and methods at New Balance Athletics Inc. as company’s first Sr. Computational Designer.  


            Sept 2011-June 2016
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD in Design and Computation
Presidential Fellow at the Department of Architecture, Thesis: “A Place for Computing Visual Meaning: A Broadened Drawing Scape.”
            Sept 2004-May 2006
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master’s in Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS) in Computation, GPA 5.0/5.0, Thesis: “Narration of Light: Computational Tools for Framing the Tonal Imagination.”
Sept 2000-June 2004
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 2004, Bachelor of Architecture, Top of the class.
            Sept 1998-June 2000
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 1998-2000, Admitted to Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, transferred to Department of Architecture.
            June 1998
Arı Science High School, Ankara, Top of the Class, GPA 5.0/5.0


June 2016 -
New Balance Athletics Inc., Senior Computational Designer
June-Sept 2015
MIT Mobile Experience LAB, Lead Architectural Designer for MIT Atlas Service Center.
            July 2006-Sept 2009
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) New York,Computational Geometry Group Head
Computational Geometry Specialist, Worked on ~40 non-standard large scale buildings.
            Sept 2009-present
O-CDC, Onur Yüce Gün–Computational Design Collaboration, Founder. Complex Geometry and Realistic Visualization Consultant in Turkey.
            Feb-July 2004
Kural Architectural Office Ankara, Architectural Designer
            June-Sept 2003
Atabas Architectural Office Ankara, Design Geometry Consultant

Feb-June 2015
Rhode Island School of Design, Adjunct Faculty, Taught Spatial Dynamics Studio in Foundation Studies
Sept 2009-july 2011
İstanbul Bilgi University, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture   

            July-Sept 2013
İstanbul Bilgi University, Visiting Instructor, Department of Architecture
            May-Aug 2012
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Santiago, DO Design Lab, Visiting Instructor & Senior Researcher
            Sept 2008-June 2009
University of Pennsylvania, Design Scripting Group tutor

WORKSHOPS TAUGHT (Coordinator and Conductor unless otherwise stated)
            Jan 2013
See Pixel: Computational and Visual Processing for Design Drawing, İstanbul
            June 2012
Synthetic Natures, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago, Chile: Participants South America
            Apr 2011
Scripting to Fabrication, İzmir University of Economics
Smart Geometry           2010 Barcelona, Pre-Conference Workshop Conductor
2009 San Francisco, Workshop Senior Tutor
2008 Workshop Munich, Senior Tutor, Classroom Coordinator
2007 New York, Workshop Tutor    
            Oct 2009
Parametric Modeling Workshop, İzmir Chamber of Architects
            Sept 2009
eCAADe 2009 İstanbul, Computational Tool Making,International Participants
            Sept 2007
eCAADe 2007 Frankfurt, Generative Components Parametric Design Workshop
            Sept 2007
CAD-CAM in Architecture Workshop, Bilgi University & Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul.

4.562 Architecture in Motion Graphics with Prof. Takehiko Nagakura, 2006, 2014, 2015.
4.288 For Design and Computation Masters Thesis Preparation with Prof. Terry Knight, 2013, 2014, 2015.
4.570 Palladio Digitale, Sponsored by Autodesk with Prof. Takehiko Nagakura, 2014.
4.517 Digital Fabrication and Construction: Professional Applications with Prof. Dennis Shelden, 2013.
4.510 Digital Design and Fabrication with Prof. Larry Sass, 2013.
4.581 ProSeminar in Computation with Prof. George Stiny, 2012.
Arch 470 - Digital Design Studio with Asst. Prof. Dr. Sebnem Yalinay, 2004, Taught Alias MAYA 6.0 basics.


Sept 2011-May 2012
MIT Mobile Experience LAB, Research Associate.
Sept 2004-May 2006
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ArchNet Research Assistant. Draw Architect Sinan’s building plan, elevation and sections. Prepared write-ups about Seljuk Architecture in Anatolia.


Oct 2015
Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT) Grant, Full funding for exhibition Proposal “Models of Ephemeral Drawing Processes”
Dec 2014
Bill Mitchell++ Fund Awardee - http://sap.mit.edu/article/standard/bill-mitchell-fund
May 2013
Young CAADRIA Award
Jan 2010
New York AIA – Merit Award for Unbuilt Project
Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza, with KPF Architects as Computational Designer.
Oct 2008
eCAADe 2008 Ivan Petrovic Award - Runner Up  
Apr 2006
International Competition for the Design of the Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum – Merit Award
Prof. Takehiko Nagakura, MIT.
Jan 2006
Domus - Ryugyong Hotel Idea Competition – Runner Up
“Ictyomorph – The Responsive Super-Tall Building Façade”
Apr 2004
Excellence in Graduation: Fatih Veysoglu Honor Prize, Top of the class in Faculty and Department of Architecture, METU     
June 1998
Excellence in Graduation, Ari Science High School –Top of the Class 
May 1996
High School Mathematics Olympics, Ari Science School Team ranked 3rd in ‘National Olympics of Mathematics’ in Turkey.



July 2017
”Computing with Watercolor Shapes: Developing and Analyzing Visual Styles” in upcoming Springer Publication
July 2010
"Geometric Gestures" in Elements of Parametric Design authored by Robert Woodbury(USA & Canada: Routledge, 2010): pp.171-184. (url: http://cw.routledge.com/textbooks/9780415779876/)

Nov 2012
Dosya (Folder) 29: Computational Design, published by Chamber of Architects of Turkey, Ankara Branch, Nov 2012. (url: http://computationaldesign.info/)

June 2016
MIT PhD in Design and Computation Dissertation, “A Place for Computing Visual Meaning: A Broadened Drawing Scape.”
June 2006
MIT SMArchS Thesis, “Narration of Light: Computational Tools for Framing the Tonal Imagination.”

July 2015
International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC) 2015, Published Abstract: “(e)Scapes (for) Bridging Visual-Making And Computing” (url: http://www.icsc-rome.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ICSC-2015-PROCEEDINGS.pdf)
Oct 2014
DCA Drawing Communication Conf. 2014, “Hybrid Palimpsest: Drawing with Computation and Visual Calculation”
July 2014
Archi-DOCT E-Journal Issue 2-1 - Fields, “Broadened Drawing-Scape: Being, Becoming, Computing” (url: http://www.enhsa.net/archidoct/)
Sept 2013
Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe) 2013, “Performing Realism: Interactive Real-Time-Rendered Stereoscopic Animations for Architectural Design Process”
May 2013
The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA) 2013 (Young CAADRIA Award Recipient), “The Executed and the Observed in Drawings: From Gothic to Computation”
Sept 2013
CAADRIA 2013, “Tran(s)quillity: The Dynamic(ally) Media(ted) Façade”. (with Greenblatt, E.)
Sept 2010
eCAADe 2010, Co-Author: “Future Community in Istanbul: An Interpretation of Istanbul To Generate a New Urban Life” (with Arkut, B)
Sept 2009
eCAADe 2009, “Value Through Precision: Beyond the Realms”
May 2009
İstanbul Technical University, Computational Design, 3rd Symposium Proceedings, “Words on Understanding and Teaching Computational Constructs” (in Turkish).
April 2009
Harvard GSD: Critical Digital Conference - 2, “The Handbook for Avoiding Computational Design Fallacies, Vol.1”
Sept 2008
eCAADe 2008 (Ivan Petrovic Award - Runner Up), “Anti-UV: Progressive Component Design in Cross Platforms in Architectural Education”
April 2008
Harvard GSD: Critical Digital Conference, “Progressions in Defining the Digital Ground for Component Making”
Dec 2007
The International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium 2007, Structural Architecture: Towards the Future Looking to the Past, “Computational Design Tools For emergent Geometries In Architecture”
Oct 2007
ACADIA 2007, “Composing the Bits of Surfaces in Architectural Practice”
Sept 2007
eCAADe 2007, “Composing the Bits of Surfaces in Architectural Practice: Methodologies and Codes for Generation,
Rationalization, and Analysis of Non-Standard Geometries”
Nov 2005
Sigradi 2005, IX. Ibero-American Congress Of Digital Graphics, Co-Author: “Ichtyomorph – Design and Development of a Fish-Skin Double Façade System for Freeform Super Tall Buildings Using Parametric Design Tools”, Authored by Sergio Araya, PhD.
April 2004
Pin-UP, MIT Department of Architecture Press
“Ligne 38” for MIT Media Lab Class MAS 966 “Re-thinking Paris Bus Line,” one of four authors,


LECTURES (Invited)
July 2017
Architectural Association (AA) İstanbul Visiting School, “[In]Computable[S] of Design: Sentience, Salience, Significance"
June 2016
Keynote in 10th National Symposium on Computational Design at Istanbul Bilgi University “Computing Visual Meaning: Remaining Human while Computing”
March 2016
Penn State University, Stuckeman School of Architecture, Design Computing Faculty Candidate Presentations, “(En)Counter: On Computing for Design”
July 2012
Santiago Maker Space, “Talking [to] Designs”          
June 2012
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, DO Design Lab, “Synthesized Apparatus"           
April 2011
AA İstanbul Visiting School, “Controlling (Your) Computational Design Power"
Nov 2010
İstanbul Technical University Design-Computation Lecture Series, “Taking the Rejection Role in an Undiscovered World with No Objectors" 
Sept 2009
Chamber of Architects, İzmir, Turkey, “Design and Relational Systems"
Apr 2009
Smart Geometry 2009 Alumni Summit, "The World's Addiction to Computational Self-Satisfaction"
Feb 2009
MIT Computation Alumni Symposium, “Persistence per Precision” 
Oct 2008
MIT Design-Computation Lecture Series, “Systemized Unclarity”
Aug 2008
Panelist, Speaker: SIGGRAPH Design-Computation Complexity Panel
May 2008
3. National Young Architects Meeting: Architecture and Technology Symposium (Turkey), Architecture and Computational Technologies”
Dec 2007
İstanbul Kültür University: “From Coding to Construction: Computational Design at KPF New York”          
May 2007
SEAoNY – Structural Engineers Association of New York Seminar, “Notion of Parametrics in Architectural
Apr 2007
Video Conference: YTU - Yildiz Technical University (Istanbul) & Bilgi University (Istanbul)
“Parametric modeling and Generative Components” for Arch 571 “Parametric Design and Reality”.
Apr 2005
Bentley Building Research Seminar in Baltimore, Presented “Surface Pattern Creation by Solid Modeling” in BE Conference in Baltimore, Washington.

April 2016
Exhibited Work, MIT 2016 Open House
Art piece “Watercolor Calculating” exhibited during MIT’s Open House 2016.
Dec 2012
Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) 2012
Video Panorama at Centre Pompidou, MIT Design and Computation Group Video, Consultant and Contributor               
June 2012
Synthetic Natures [$10K Grant]          
Synthetic Natures is an experimental installation that aims to generate an interactive ecosystem via custom utilization of subsequent spatial components. Contemporary techniques of design, computing and fabrication are employed to crystallize ever-changing spatial conditions. (url: https://syntheticnatures.wordpress.com/) 
Aug 2008
SIGGRAPH 2008 Curated Work Gallery
Exhibition Contributor: “Design & Computation”: Generative Design Methods and Digital Fabrication Technologies”. Entries:Nanjing Train Station (KPF), Magnolia Tower(KPF), Bishopsgate Tower(KPF)             
Sept 2006
Venice Architectural Biennale
Parametric Bus-stops exhibited within the ‘Smart Mobility’ exhibition of the MIT Media Lab, supervisor: William J. Mitchell               
Jan 2006
Participant in “The Unbuilt Monuments” Exhibition (Takehiko Nagakura) at Gallery A4 in Tokyo, Japan
Three minute photo-realistic animation ‘Traverse’ was on exhibition in January 2006 within “The Unbuilt Monuments” animation series of Associate Prof. Takehiko Nagakura, MIT, in.
Jan 2003
National Meeting of Architectural Students
Presented student project “Housing for Draw/In/People” in “Meeting 7”, The National Meeting of Architectural Students at METU.    
Jan 2001
Exhibited Work
“An Alternative Housing for METU: A Solar Approach” exhibited in MOBBIG (Schools of Architecture Chairmen Communication Group) as the representative project of Middle East technical University, Department of Architecture. 


Sept 2011
MIT Presidential Fellowship for Ph.D. in Computation         
Jan 2006
Smart Geometry Group, Winter 2006 Workshop Scholarship
Won one of the fifteen scholarships sponsored by Bentley Systems for the Winter 2006 Workshop of Smart Geometry Group. Studies took place in Cambridge, UK, and followed by the conference in British Museum.
Sept 2004
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Full Tuition in Admission as Sum of Partial Tuition Scholarships and Merit Recognition in acceptance.
Sept 1995
Arı Science High School, Ankara, Turkey, Full Time Scholarship, Arı Science High School.



Harvard, UPenn, Columbia University, UIC, RISD, BAC, Penn State, Pratt Institute, Stevens Institute of Technology, ITU.

Computation Lectures, MIT Dept. Of Architecture “Polyglot Drawing Making” Lecture Series Coordinator.
This lecture series aims to raise discussions around emerging computational methods for visual explorations and alternative techniques for evocative representations.
Invited Lecturers: Pablo Garcia, Paul Kaiser, Jürg Lehni, Carl Lostritto.
Computation Lectures, MIT Dept. Of Architecture “Drawing in eScapes” Lecture Series Coordinator.
            In this lecture series we aim to explore the correlation between our active being and computing.
            Invited Lecturers: Tim Knowles, Jane Nisselson, Debra Weisberg.
Forum Coordinator MIT Design and Computation Group         
Graduation Organizations, Yearbook design


2017 06
ACADIA 2017, Scientific Committee member
2016 11
CAAD FUTURES 2017, Scientific Committee member
2016 10
TAD, TECHNOLOGY | ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN International Journal Peer Reviewer
MAKE ME++ Hackathon in Memory of William J. Mitchell, MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Design Driven Innovation Conference.
IECL 2013 - Intelligent Environments (f)or Creative Learning.
SIGRADI 2013 - The Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics.
SIGGRAPH 2012 – Art Papers Committee Member, Primary Reviewer.
SIGGRAPH 2011 – Art Papers Reviewer.

İz Dergi (Underground Zine) Leader in writer, editor, designer, publisher and distributor of “İz Dergi” (Literature Journal) with two colleagues.
Hayalet Gemi - Stories published in “Hayalet Gemi”, a nation-wide literature journal in Turkey.
Member of Theater Society at Middle East Technical University (METU Players), Actor. Stage design and construction, Stage make-up, National Theater Festival Organization Committee member

Processing, 3DS MaxScript, RhinoScript, Grasshopper, Python, Rhino Python, GC Script      
Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Generative Components, 3DS MAX, Maya, Poser, Blender
VRay, Mental Ray, iRay, Radiosity, Maxwell
Adobe CS, Gimp, 132CATCH
VRay RT, iRay, Crytek CryEngine
3D printing, CNC Milling, Laser Cutting

Turkish (Native), English (Fluent)