onur yuce gun


Tran[s]quillity: the Dynamically Mediated façade
Onur Y. GÜN (PhD in Design and Computation Candidate) & Elliot E. Greenblatt (PhD in Mechanical Engineering Candidate)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

Abstract. Media façades grant infinitely many faces to a building and can change the architectural meaning of what a façade is. They can also help to transform the face of the building into an over-size communication device for public (Borras, 2010). Contemporary media façades mostly rely on the content of their screens, and only a small number of them physicality of the screen itself. Precedent building façades that incorporate moving components are unable to function as displays. In this paper we present a media façade design, titled “Tran[s]quillity", in which we fuse reconfigurable building components with display technologies to achieve a unique design. As well as fulfilling the function of a regular media wall -as a crisp screen- we imagine Tran[s]quillity as a transformable kinetic sculpture that can act as a screen of physical depth to introduce greater functionality and interactivity.

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